Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm a Proud Sister and Daughter!

Exciting news in the Busey family last week with the long awaited release of the product of the last 4 years of my brother Travis'  (and father John's) research.....................their book was officially released.  It is not a novel, but a historical reference book...information that has never been compiled in one place before!  Woohoo!!  This reference work chronicles more than 23,000 Union casualties at Gettysburg by generlas and staff and by state and unit.  Thirteen appendices also cover information by brigade, division and corps; by engagements and skirmishes; by state; by burial at three cemeteries; and by hospitals.  Casualty transports, incarceration records and civilian casualty lists are also included.

Some publishers thought this work could not be would be too large....but Travis connected with McFarland Publishers and they were supportive and excited about this 3-volume set.  This is definitely not a novel, but geared to historians, schools, and genealogists. The guys have another contract and are hard at work on the companion book of Confederate casualties.

And another great thing for my brother, Travis - his artwork (the tattered flag) is on both the front cover and the back cover. 

I am the proudest sister and daughter in the world!  Way to go, guys!!



Vegan Epicurean said...

You should be proud that took a herculean effort..very impressive!

Talk to you later,

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