Friday, August 31, 2007

Swap Fun!

I have joined two swaps - I am so excited! My first swap ever that I signed up for is the Sweet & Sinister Swap hosted by Kari over at ArtsyMama and am so excited. I have so many ideas and have been paired with a great partner, Tara. This is going to be so much fun. After lurking in blogland for so long and watching all the other fabulous swaps, I only hope that the package that I put together lives up!

OK, then I came across this other interesting swap and definately decided that it was also right up my alley! It is the Black Cat & Pumpkin Swap hosted by Debra at HopHopJingleBoo.
I am excited about this one, too! Halloween is a favorite of mine, and add in black cats......I'm there!
My mind is spinning with ideas about what to put together. Both swaps require that I post both what I send.....and what I receive, so I will share that with you!

Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yummy Yard Sale Finds from Saturday!

Good morning. I just wanted to share some of my yummy yard sale finds from Saturday....I got home and felt I had really scored! I am very psyched!
First up, this entire basket of vintage buttons was $8 - yay!! I tend to use a lot of buttons in my crafts and even in my scrapbooking. I had already given my mom a bunch of the black and gray ones to use for her witch dolls (I'll post about those another time!!) before I took this picture.

Then I found these wonderful large vintage Needlework Crafts magazines. There is one from 1949 and the others are from the 50's. They were $2 a piece, but well worth it...I just love the pictures and the neat vintage ads.....each magazine is crammed full of vintage goodness!
I also found some sheet music for $1, a lovely old (albeit dirty) jewelry box for $1 and a baggie of vintage crochet "thingies"....they are not really doilies, but I love the colors in them and am sure they will eventually be put to good use!

I found some ribbon (not vintage) and the whole lot was just $1, so that was great. But then I found these old books that are just awesome for $4 for the lot.....the best one is the one on top, which is a 1950's Montgomery Ward Wallpaper Catalog filled with samples.....absolutely luscious!!

I was/am so excited about these wonderful finds! I have TONS of scrapbook items/supplies that I can incorporate into my altered art, but when I stopped crafting a few years back (long story), I got rid of a lot of my vintage and collected "stuff", so am building up my collection again! I am feeling so inspired!! I am off for 4 days this holiday weekend, so am going to spend time in my home office/studio getting my craft on!!
Have a great day!

Monday, August 27, 2007

My First!

My first blog! I am new to this, so I will fill in the main page more thoroughly later, but I just wanted to post something! I have been a fan - well, a lurker, really - of the "artful blogging" world. The amazing artists whose blogs I have been tracking are so inspiring to me and have helped me to get my craftiness back on!! Yay!

I hope to get to know these ladies better and to post my projects, join in swaps, and all that other crafty goodness!!