Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Books, Books, Books

Yikes.  I have so many books that I have purchased in the last year to read and yet...here they all are (and I am sure there are more in a few other piles or drawers around the house) - still unread. 

I have been so stressed this last year and have had so much on my plate that I just would tell myself that I "can't make time to read."  Yet, I believe that is exactly what my soul needs.  There is nothing better to me than to curl up in my big comfy chair and read a great book.  So, starting now, I am going to set aside time each week to do just that - curl up with one of my neglected books and take the time for me.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feeling Great...Eat to Live Update

Seriously, I am so pleased with my new Eat to Live diet (I hate that word...diet).  I have been doing this for not even two weeks, and I have already lost 15 pounds and I eat a LOT.  Unbelievable.  Now I have a lot of weight to ultimately lose, so I'm sure it will come off faster at first, but the success has been even more of a motivator, not to mention that I am just feeling so much better!!

 I think for a non-vegan or non-vegetarian, this would be a hard way of eating to start...very extreme.  Luckily I have been a vegetarian for more than 15 years and have been a complete vegan for a year and a half so the transition has been very easy.

I haven't started making any special recipes, etc....still looking forward to that.  Right now I am doing the strict 6-week aggressive program....programming my mind and body to get past the food addiction.  If you had told me three weeks ago that I would not be able to eat some of my planned foods since I was full I would have laughed out loud.  And if you had told me that I could not have any between meal snacks, I would have said HA!  I would have said..." I can't go that long between eating."  When in actuality, I am NOT hungry between meals.

Breakfast and Lunch today (ignore the ugly paper plates and plastic - I was at work)....
(Is there a secret to peeling a pretty orange....my oranges are always so messy looking.....but at least they taste super yummy!!)

Until next time...


Sunday, June 13, 2010

Eat to Live and a Lovely Farmers Market

A lovely friend gave me the Eat to Live book by Joel Fuhrman and I love it.  Officially started that eating plan today.  I have been vegan (and before that vegetarian) for a long time, but I always add way too many processed foods, etc.  This feels right to me.  Prior to this, I have lost 30 pounds so far this year, but at my current weight, I have so much more to lose.....more than 100 pounds.  But actually, even more important, or at least equally as important, I believe that this will improve my health (high blood pressure, severe osteoarthritis in both knees, etc), and even prolong my life.  That's a good great amazing thing!!

To that end, my wonderful mom ( who is also my best friend) and I took a drive down to my aunts in Gordonsville, VA (about an hour and half from my house) and about a half hour in found this fantastic farmers market.  YAY!  Luscious vegetables!! 

(I am so in love with both these large cherry tomatoes and the amazing tomatoes below!! YUMMY!)

I am continually amazed and just in awe of how beautiful Virginia is.  I am so happy to have been born, raised and still living in this beautiful state!!

And finally, I have to leave you with a few pictures of some of my beloved 4-legged children......no reason....they just make me so happy!

Baby Spike....
and dear Henry as I try to work (well, okay, I am really on Facebook, but I had intentions of working!)

I could go on with pictures of my furry 4-legged children, but I'll save that for another day!!

Peace my friends,