Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Feeling Great...Eat to Live Update

Seriously, I am so pleased with my new Eat to Live diet (I hate that  I have been doing this for not even two weeks, and I have already lost 15 pounds and I eat a LOT.  Unbelievable.  Now I have a lot of weight to ultimately lose, so I'm sure it will come off faster at first, but the success has been even more of a motivator, not to mention that I am just feeling so much better!!

 I think for a non-vegan or non-vegetarian, this would be a hard way of eating to start...very extreme.  Luckily I have been a vegetarian for more than 15 years and have been a complete vegan for a year and a half so the transition has been very easy.

I haven't started making any special recipes, etc....still looking forward to that.  Right now I am doing the strict 6-week aggressive program....programming my mind and body to get past the food addiction.  If you had told me three weeks ago that I would not be able to eat some of my planned foods since I was full I would have laughed out loud.  And if you had told me that I could not have any between meal snacks, I would have said HA!  I would have said..." I can't go that long between eating."  When in actuality, I am NOT hungry between meals.

Breakfast and Lunch today (ignore the ugly paper plates and plastic - I was at work)....
(Is there a secret to peeling a pretty oranges are always so messy looking.....but at least they taste super yummy!!)

Until next time...



Vegan Epicurean said...


Wow! You go girl! What an inspiration you are. I just told Dan about your loss and he said "how did she do that?". Keep up the great work!


Lolly said...

Thanks, Ali! I have a LONG way to go (and that thought is daunting sometimes), but I feel like I will make it this time.


The Voracious Vegan said...

Thank you so much for the comment on my blog, it meant so much to me. What a beautiful quote, I'm going to write it down and keep it close during the next few days.

Your food looks DELICIOUS! You really are eating well, everything looks bright and oh so tasty. And don't worry, my oranges always look like that, too! At least they taste good. :-)

Kai said...

I am SO proud of you, Sweet Lolly! You are going to end up feeling so amazing you won't begin to BELIEVE it! You already look amazing to me, and I KNOW you ARE! That meal made me soooooo hungry! I too, am a veggy person. Poor ripe tomatoes and cucumbers from our garden barely make it inside before I am chomping away! In fact, I have YET to cook a single pea or bean. They are just delicious fresh-picked & raw. Now I'm waiting on squash to ripen. You are a role model & I'm bowing to you! (And I am smiling over the kitty photo!) LOVE YOU!

Mama Skates said...