Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I try, folks, I really try

My goal, truly folks, is to be a good blogger and blog regularly. I will get there soon, I am hoping.  I think of things to blog about constantly but somehow lately, life has been getting in the way.

This past weekend, I was happy to get some cooking done. I like to cook things on the weekends that I can freeze portions of for future use and dinners.

I made a really great homemade vegetable broth that I then froze in individual 2-cup containers. It smelled WONDERFUL and I am really happy with it since it has no sodium and just fresh vegetables and water! Lovely.

Then I made two tofu loaves - soooo good and so low calorie.  I froze individual servings and was also able to share some with my mom, who had her first taste of tofu.  She loved it, so YAY!!
And finally, on Sunday, I made a really tasty black bean soup in the crock pot....and got to use some of my homemade vegetable broth!!  Delish!!

 And I would also like to share with you my beautiful grandmother, who just celebrated her 93rd birthday on Sunday.  She lives in a wonderful nursing home about 10 minutes from me.  Although she can be stubborn and spoiled sometimes, she is an amazing woman.  And heck, if you get to the age of 93, you can be stubborn and've earned it!!

See you next time - hopefully with not such a big gap in between blog posts!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday...and the livin' is easy!

Good afternoon, folks!  After a long week, the weekend is here! WOOT! My mom and I are meeting a group of our wonderful friends tonight so that will be fun. 

I lost about 2 pounds this week (I have my weigh-ins on Thursday nights).  Not as much as I had hoped, but considering my weekends are usually spent eating too much and all the wrong things (my obsessive compulsiveness rearing its ugly head).  Yet, when I plan and pack my breakfast and lunches during the work week, I eat very well and in moderation.  This weekend, so far, I am eating only healthy, good for me foods in all the right portions.  I know it's only Saturday, but normally by this time, I would be up probably a few pounds between Friday morning and Saturday morning.  I really have a food addiction and it is truly a day at a time.  I want to be healthy and happy.  If I can live with my conviction of being vegetarian for 15 years  before going vegan a year + ago, I can do this too.  It's all connected.

I had planned on doing only a whole foods diet , but have adapted it a bit for what I know will work for me.  I will still do mostly whole foods, but will include Ezekiel Breads occassionally, Gardein products occassionally, and the cereal I eat for breakfast during the week (with raw almonds and either sliced banana or strawberries).  So, not exactly all whole foods, but I think this is what is going to work for me.

So, for now, this is what I think will work for me and I am pleased with it.  Always a vegan diet, but not all whole foods! Healthy, yes, and that is most important for me right now.

Lunch just now was super yummy....a sprouted grain english muffin toasted, 2 tbsp hummus, with some Mediterranean tabbouleh added on top. It was REALLY good and quite satisfying.  Who knew....a measured portion would be enough....took me a while, but for today, I get it. :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!