Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday...and the livin' is easy!

Good afternoon, folks!  After a long week, the weekend is here! WOOT! My mom and I are meeting a group of our wonderful friends tonight so that will be fun. 

I lost about 2 pounds this week (I have my weigh-ins on Thursday nights).  Not as much as I had hoped, but considering my weekends are usually spent eating too much and all the wrong things (my obsessive compulsiveness rearing its ugly head).  Yet, when I plan and pack my breakfast and lunches during the work week, I eat very well and in moderation.  This weekend, so far, I am eating only healthy, good for me foods in all the right portions.  I know it's only Saturday, but normally by this time, I would be up probably a few pounds between Friday morning and Saturday morning.  I really have a food addiction and it is truly a day at a time.  I want to be healthy and happy.  If I can live with my conviction of being vegetarian for 15 years  before going vegan a year + ago, I can do this too.  It's all connected.

I had planned on doing only a whole foods diet , but have adapted it a bit for what I know will work for me.  I will still do mostly whole foods, but will include Ezekiel Breads occassionally, Gardein products occassionally, and the cereal I eat for breakfast during the week (with raw almonds and either sliced banana or strawberries).  So, not exactly all whole foods, but I think this is what is going to work for me.

So, for now, this is what I think will work for me and I am pleased with it.  Always a vegan diet, but not all whole foods! Healthy, yes, and that is most important for me right now.

Lunch just now was super yummy....a sprouted grain english muffin toasted, 2 tbsp hummus, with some Mediterranean tabbouleh added on top. It was REALLY good and quite satisfying.  Who knew....a measured portion would be enough....took me a while, but for today, I get it. :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!



Vegan Epicurean said...

Congratulations on the the two pounds. I think that is absolutely fabulous. Two pounds is perfect for sustained weight loss. Good for you! :-)

I hope you are having a good weekend,

Lolly said...

Thanks, Alicia, and I hope your weekend was spectacular! I so enjoy reading your blog!

Vegan Epicurean said...


Thanks! :-) That is very nice to hear.

I hope you are having a good weekend too. The weather has been amazing!