Saturday, February 26, 2011

I'm a Proud Sister and Daughter!

Exciting news in the Busey family last week with the long awaited release of the product of the last 4 years of my brother Travis'  (and father John's) research.....................their book was officially released.  It is not a novel, but a historical reference book...information that has never been compiled in one place before!  Woohoo!!  This reference work chronicles more than 23,000 Union casualties at Gettysburg by generlas and staff and by state and unit.  Thirteen appendices also cover information by brigade, division and corps; by engagements and skirmishes; by state; by burial at three cemeteries; and by hospitals.  Casualty transports, incarceration records and civilian casualty lists are also included.

Some publishers thought this work could not be would be too large....but Travis connected with McFarland Publishers and they were supportive and excited about this 3-volume set.  This is definitely not a novel, but geared to historians, schools, and genealogists. The guys have another contract and are hard at work on the companion book of Confederate casualties.

And another great thing for my brother, Travis - his artwork (the tattered flag) is on both the front cover and the back cover. 

I am the proudest sister and daughter in the world!  Way to go, guys!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Oh, yeah, I do have a blog.......

My how time flies! :)  With the holidays and work and work and more work the months have gotten away from me.

I have been busy with my day job, trying to find a new day job (please, universe!), my home businesses (ebay consignment and craft business), my beloved four-legged furry children and so, sadly, my blog took a back seat.  My intention is to blog more intentionally and with some regularity.  I think I tend to get so overwhelmed that instead of doing anything, I just stand still.  I am working on that.

First and foremost, please meet Zeke, the newest member of my family.   He came to me on Thanksgiving weekend and is just a real lovebug.
He is a real sweetheart and likes to stay super close to me, much to my sweet little Freida's dismay (Freida is my shadow). They have learned to tolerate each other...they can both touch me at the same time as long as they don't touch each other! LOL. Speaking of touching, this is a usual scenario as I sit and work at my laptop in the evenings...(excuse the blurry picture)..

And my beloved Freida looking on from behind my head.....she looks as though she is saying "oh mom, what have you done and why is he here?" :)
And finally a bit of a picture marathon to catch you up on my life of late....I am still eating well, but have incorporate aspects of Kris Carr's Crazy Sexy Diet, and am including lots of green smoothies, juice and raw foods.  I made an amazing creamy raw ranch dressing....yummy!  I love the taste of my green smoothies and coming up with the different concoctions, but I must admit that I do have a hard time getting past the that normal?

Me at an almost 70# weight loss....
What to do if you get a cute rug for Christmas but with so many cats, you can't use it as a rug or the cats would use it as a scratching post.................well, you hang it on the wall of course!
And I am in my studio creating new crafts all the are just a few...

Well, I guess that is the update for now.....I am off to a get-together with friends this evening and then to Walmart (I know....the excitement is killing me!) 

See you soon!