Thursday, February 28, 2008

A little creation

I am participating in the Springtime Soiree Collage Swap hosted by Danielle. Of course, as usual, I wait until the last minute for is due in her hands by Tuesday, March 4 and I am just sending it today....but with priority mail, it should be ok.

Anyway, we just had to make a 4x4 collage with a vintage springtime theme (we make one, we get one back). I used a 4x4 piece of wood from the craft store - spray painted it white and used bottle caps for the vintage faces. I rubbed a twig/branch around the sides to make it appear older and I wrapped the sides and the hangy thing (!) with a piece of vintage velvet ribbon. I like it. It's sweet. (the pics are not that great, because I took the pic at midnight last eve, but you can get the gist).

I have also finished my projects for the the Daylight Savings Swap and the Sweet Little Nest Swap and will get those pics taken and posted by the weekend when I ship them out.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Another fun swap received!

I received another fantastic Swap pacakge on Saturday!

She was early (earlier than me anyway, since I am not mailing hers until this week!) but I received a lovely package from Jenelle for the Sweet Little Nest Swap! Look at this amazing nest!! I absolutely love it! You can't see the inside that well on the second picture, but it is filled with little sparkly lovelies and the little note in front of the bird says "spring blessings". Is Jenelle not the best for sending this my way??? I definately lucked out in the partner department on this swap!! :-)

She also sent me these wonderful tags that she created. (I simply love tags and ATCs lately.)Aren't these tags just lovely?

I especially love this one with a dangling crystal - I love the sparkly bling!

Jenelle even sent goodies for the "kids" (my four legged menagerie) - look at these adorable trio of cupcakes - they are dog squeak toys!! CUTE!! and next to it is a cat toy shaped like a piece of cake! Priceless and very much appreciated!

Thanks so much, Jenelle! I will post later this week about what I am sending to her for this swap!! Fun!

Okay, here is just a cute pic of my sweet heart cat, Frieda yesterday. When I am in my studio (or anywhere), she is my constant companion. I originally bought this basket to store supplies in my studio, but she decided that it was very much to her liking, so *we* had a slight change of plans, and now she graces this basket whenever I am creating or on the computer doing other business. I pity the poor fool (other cat) if he/she is in the basket when Frieda and I walk into the room! :-)

Friday, February 22, 2008

Catching Up....

I always have good intentions of posting regularly, but with work, sickness, time spent reading all of the other wonderful blogs, life, etc, time definately slips away from me. I am in a bunch of fun spring swaps that I am working on....Danielle's Spring Soiree Collage Swap, Kai's Daylight Savings Swap, Heather's Sweet Little Nest Swap, and Lenna Andrews' Alpha Stamps Tallulahs Postcard Swap. Fun, fun, and more fun!

Also, I just had to share this! My birthday was a month ago (I know I should have posted this then), and I just want to share this blog that my mom posted about me on her myspace account (yes!) on my mom is my absolute best friend in the world...we live about 4 miles is her picture.

Anyway, here is her blog from January 24 (my bday) and by the way, my real name is Lorraine (mentioned in the blog below but friends and family call me Lolly):
Happy Birthday to You!!! Lorraine Marie you have been a blessing in my life!
I remember when you were born like it was yesterday. You were so little and so fragile looking with your long arms and legs and dark hair. And even with all the bruises from the hard birth, you were absolutely beautiful! And I was so young to be a Mom. And so immature. But when I saw your face and your beautiful blue eyes gazed into mine so trustingly, I knew it was time to grow up and be the Mom you deserved.I loved you so much. You looked so pretty in white with your dark hair. I remember not wanting to share you with anyone and wanted to hold you and stare at your pretty face all the time. I couldn't believe you came through me and that I was chosen and blessed to guide you, teach you and protect you through life!

When you got older your hair got wavy and long and it seems like your eyes got even more blue. Since mine were so dark, it made me happy to gaze at bright blue trusting eyes. You were tall with long legs and pretty hands. And you were so smart! I thought you were perfect.
When your sisters were born, it was hard for you to share your Mom but you were so helpful with them and loved them so. You were like a little mother to them and liked them as long as they left your toys and stuffed animals alone! As they grew it became harder for you to have a life of your own. Amy and Jill were into everything, including the toilet much to your horror! I've often said that I wish I could have spent more time alone with you before the twins were born but we managed to become so close in spite of it. Love knows no bounds. And you were my beloved firstborn.

Through the years and the ups and downs our love has been steadfast. I'm so proud of the smart, caring, and beautiful woman you have become. I'm so proud that you've accomplished so much. You have your own home, your own life and are so admired and respected in your job. And your pure love of animals swells my heart with pride. You are among the most compassionate people I have ever met and the depth of your soul is immense. You give of yourself without limit. You're spirituality is deeply quiet and naturally ingrained and so lovely.

What would I have done without you in my life! You are such a magnificant gift.

Happy Birthday my dearest of daughters. Forty three years seem like but a blink of an eye and you have been such a joy to me in this life. I wish for you a lasting love, and a happy and long life. May you always know that love surrounds you and that I have loved you since the moment of your birth and I will love you for all eternity.

"There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward. Through the hands of such as these God speaks, and from behind their eyes He smiles upon the earth. " (Gibran)

Love, Mom

Is that not the most wonderful gift to get from your mom? I printed it out and put it in my journal and will cherish it forever!!

Another thing I am way behind on is posting about two additional Valentine swaps I was in ....

I participated in The Hanging Heart Swap from Sweet Goodness Swaps and this is what Kai made me.....I just love things that are made by other artists....they bring me such joy! I love it, Kai!!!!

This is what I sent to Kai! This was a FUN swap!

Then, I also participated in the Crafty Cupid Swap and my partner was Stevie.....this is the package that I sent to her!

And this is what she sent to me......

Look at what she did below....see the tag in the bottom left corner....she took my picture from my blog and made me a personalized that not the cutest thing ever? I may have to use that idea in the future!!

I can officially say that I am addicted to swaps and love every minute of it.

I am off work today, so need to get busy working on my crafts and my part-time ebay business (not craft related), and I also want to start making things for Etsy. My mom has some wonderful creations that I will be posting in etsy in the coming weeks as well. My goal is also to update my blog more regularly. I have a list of things I want to post about!! I promise myself that I will do better!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Sweetheart Box Swap Recieved - Lucky me!!

I am a lucky girl to have had such a great swap partner, Angela for the fun Sweetheart Box Swap hosted by Maria at The Junkk Drawer. Look at all of the fun goodies I received~

First of all, look at the loveliness upon simply opening the shipping box....what fun! Let's dig in!

I love aprons and Angela sent me the most adorable apron - it's brown and white with appliques hearts on the front! I love it!

Angela is such a sweetie, she even sent something for the "kids" - my four legged cat children! Now that is special!

A lovely handmade card.....I love handmade cards.

This is her decorated heart candy the fur border!! My cats thought that was their present too! :)

Look at all the pink/white/red girliness on the following pictures........OOOH!!

Thanks so much to Angela! I absolutely love participating in these neat swaps! I have another swap that I received to post about - I'll try to get that done in the next day or so!