Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Basket Goodness X 2

I participated in the fun swap hosted by Genevieve, Bella-Enchanted's Easter Basket Swap and was lucky enough to have TWO partners! Double the fun!!

My first partner was Elizabeth and this is what I sent to her! I apologize in advance, because I have the pics of the wonderful basket she sent me on another cd that I don't have with me at the moment....I will add later. Anyway, this is what I sent to Elizabeth....

My second partner was Carol and she was just a doll! This is the package that I sent her...it was a lot of fun to put together!

And this is the wonderful package that I received from her in return! Candles and lace and vintage inspired collage sheets with cats and animals that she cut out and wrapped with a ribbon, stationary, note cards, stamps and an amazing apron that I already have hanging in my kitchen (I collect old and vintage inspired aprons!) and more!! She really went overboard and I just love everything!

This swap was a lot of fun to participate in.
Even though I am addicted to swaps, I have also been in my studio working on some creations and business ideas and will post about those soon.

One more swap that I did participate in was the Alpha Stamps/Tallulah's Swap hosted by Lenna over at creativeswaps.blogspot.com. She is awesome. Mine are soooooo simple compared to some of the other creations that I am almost embarassed.....next time I sign up for her swaps, I will go all out!! Here are my creations:

Monday, March 10, 2008

I let it go too long....

I let it go too long without getting it done....yes, look at these gray roots and flat as a pancake top heavy hair on Friday morning.........

but after visiting Jay at the shop on Friday afternoon, and some big blond chunky foil highlights later.... voila.....I am happy again! Having a month of bad hair days was a killer and it is amazing - and may sound pathetic - how much lighter and happier I feel with my hair done!!

I know, I know that in the scheme of things in the world right now, this isn't a serious issue, but if something so easy can make a person so happy (me).....well I say Happy Day!

Also, I put together these little simple bottles with a strip of scrap paper, copy of an old pic and millenery flowers from an old hat.....I think they are quite cute (and the bottles came from the antique mart where I purchased them for 50 cents). I may add a ribbon on the stem.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Daylight Savings Time Swap - Goodies Sent and Goodies Received!!

Another fun swap was just wrapped up! I participated in the fun Daylight Savings Time Swap hosted by Kai. My partner was Cindy Owens (she doesn't have a blog but she totally should - she is amazing!!). We needed to create something that was our interpretation of Daylight Savings. I created this collage - it is about a 9x12 board. The lighting on this pic is not the greatest, but you get the gist. Daylight Savings to me means time for Spring, things "bloom"ing, etc.

This is the bottom half of the collage with miscellaneous bits and bobs in the nest of these sweet little birdies...

Vintage children's faces in the flowers (from an old Golden book)...

Of course, I threw in some other fun Easter stuff, a few vintage items, some pretty buttons, etc....

BUT WAIT.......look at the masterpiece that I received from sweet Cindy.......she is a dollmaker (Thimbleprims)......look at what she created for me............I love all things cat and I am now the proud owner of my very own little Miss Kitty ......sitting down she measures approx 6 inches........she even has cute accessories...a kite...an easter basket full of goodies......

Look at the beautiful face that Cindy painted....she also made the dress.....wow!

And as if this sweet Miss Kitty was not the greatest treasure, she also sent me these wonderful items!! Thanks so much, Cindy!! You were a doll :-) to get to know and when you become a famous dollmaker, I can say "well I have the first Kitty that she ever made......signed to boot".

One more pic of Miss Kitty's sweet little face.......

My Sweet Little Nest Swap Creation

I'm behind in posting again, but here is the package that I sent to Jenelle, who was my partner for the Sweet Little Nest Swap hosted by Heather at Speckled-Egg. The pictures are really not that great, but I think it turned out pretty cute. I used an old crystal bowl that I attached with ceramic glue to a cute old plate with lots of vintage and vintage inspired jewels and doo-dads in and around the bowl nest. Kind of eclectic but I like it. I also attached a vintage calling card and a vintage flower leaf from an old hat to the plate.

Then I also sent Jenelle a few other things, including some Easter inspired goodies, etc.

I shipped it out on Monday so hopefully Jenelle will get it today or tomorrow.
Thanks for looking!