Monday, January 28, 2008

Sweetheart Box Swap Mailed!

I was able to ship out my swap goodies for the Sweetheart Box Swap hosted by Maria over at The Junkk Drawer.

I had a great partner, Angela (check her out over at Life with One Busy Boy). She should have the package today or tomorrow, so I think I can go ahead and post the pics here. It was a fun swap - I hope she enjoys her goodies (I couldn't limit myself to just fitting inside the box, so.....)

Happy Monday everyone!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Missions being accomplished and more! Fun!

I am so proud of myself....ever since I took the initiative with my studio shelf (see previous post), I am FINALLY feeling energized to get some things done around my house. Some days I think that is what holds me back from really getting into my crafts - the idea that I SHOULD get things done in the house....then I just completely shut down and do neither. Oy!

Anyway, this project pictured below is only half done, but only because I have to run back to Lowe's to get more grout.....I have a small vanity in the upstairs bath that had that old, probably original linoleum crap on, I broke up some vintage plates that I had been collecting in a closet and tiled around the sink.....I love it! I can't wait to see it when it is actually grouted....I plan to work on that this weekend. I will post a finished product pic at that time.

Then, I had this shelf that my mom gave to me and I love it and need it for the kitchen, but it was this gross I painted it burgundy, hung a few crystals from the top, and I like it. You can kind of see the open shelves at the bottom of the pic....I am making curtains for those, that match the curtains I have in my lower kitchen cabinets (the curtains were an idea which I totally took from Karla at Karla's Cottage - thanks, Karla!)....a really neat burgundy/cream toille fabric!

Okay, and finally, speaking of kitchens, I really do love mine! I love my corian counter tops and my seamless sink; I love all of my crystal jars, both new and vintage (that hold cat treats, dog treats, rabbit food, etc); I love my mirrored glass jewelry box that I use for tea bags, etc; I love the vintage plates and pictures and frames with loved ones (both animal and human); and check out the fantastic cat mold that my godmother just sent me for my birthday (which is tomorrow Jan 24 - I will be 43!! - where did the years go??) - I love it all! These pics are just the one corner of the kitchen and then my memory card was full and I had to get to work......but you get the gist! The only thing that really bugs me right now is the cabinet door pulls - I really need to find some crystal ones - that will be my next mission on eBay.

Well, thanks for listening to my rambling......

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Things happen....

Just as I am getting my craft back on, what happens but my studio desk (a shelf in the open closet) collapses.....luckily, I was in the room at the time and was able to catch it as it fell. Nothing broken. Turns out it was probably a good thing......the shelf that I was using was actually not anchored on the wall very well and was an accident waiting to happen. I put on my carpenter britches and measured and purchased new wood, twice the depth of the previous shelf. I was also able to raise it up a little bit higher, so now my bar stool that I sit on fits beautifully under the shelf. I'm sure others could have done a much better job, but I am really proud of myself!! I quite like my new shelf.

Happy crafting to you all!

Monday, January 7, 2008

I'm Back....

Happy New Year! I am back from taking a break for a little while....had to, not wanted to. At Thanksgiving, I came down with pneumonia and it really threw me for a loop this past month. In addition, I have very high blood pressure and so December, in between being sick and tired, I have been getting over that serious bout of pneumonia, have been working to control my asthma, working to control my blood pressure and am once again back on the weight loss train. I have had numerous doctors’ visits this past month (cardiologist, allergist, ultrasounds, ct scan, and stress echo) so am dealing with these issues. I have got to get a grip on my health and weight. I want to be around for a long time! My four-legged children need me!!

So.....My house is a mess and my studio has been neglected, but with the new year comes better health and excitement for what the new year will bring. I am at my highest weight in years, and so on December 30 I started the Bob Greene BEST LIFE DIET (vegetarian version) and in the first week have lost 9.6 pounds. I have been a yoyo dieter for years and have always said "this time will be it".....well, this time HAS to be 'it". My doctor told me that my blood pressure and weight and age (I'm 43 this month) makes me a prime candidate for a stroke. I have to say that scared the heck out of me, so onward to extreme good health. I have a long way to go, but I will get there.

I am ready to get crafty and so have joined a couple of swaps - The Sweet Treats and Roses Swap hosted by Karla and Beth and The Sweet Heart Box Swap hosted by Maria at The Junkk Drawer. Looking forward to getting busy with these!

On December 8, I lost one of my beloved cats, Charlie.
He was my handsome, snaggle-toothed blind old Persian cat. He had gone blind earlier this year due to detached retinas caused by high blood pressure. He also was discovered to have an enlarged heart. However, that did not stop him. He adapted well to the blindness and was still my handsome, friendly greeter to all who came in the front door. He still followed me everywhere and along with Frieda, the queen (see below) reigned supreme as a leader among the others. Charlie died at home with me after what appeared to be a stroke – he was able to limp to all his favorite spots downstairs, almost as if he was saying goodbye – then he made it to my chair and he passed away peacefully in the spot next to me that he loved so much within an hour. My sweet Charlie gave me such tremendous joy when he came to me in the final five years of his life and the realization that he is gone from me now is almost too much to bear. He is missed greatly.

I am excited and energized about what the new year will bring to me. 2007 was filled with highs and lows, but each and everyday I am grateful to be here on mother earth, to have a family (4-legged and 2-legged) that I adore, friends who are wonderful, a home that makes me happy, a job that leaves me satisfied, a spiritual life that fulfills me, a voice that I can use to sing, to praise, to yell, to question, to laugh and to cry, and a life that is blessed with goodness.

I am happy to be back!