Monday, April 26, 2010

All Locked Up, Safe and Secure

Stressful day today.  I was leaving for work early this morning - had brought my stuff out to the car and then had to go back in the house to check on my old pup Lily.  Well...I couldn't get in!  The door lock was broken.  We had a ton of rain so I waited a few minutes, thinking maybe it had something to do with being wet.  No.  I was locked out of my house.  OMG.

I had to go to work (Mondays are very busy).  I called a local locksmith and arranged to meet him at my house after work. Of course I freaked out all day at work.  My crazy brain was convinced that the unknown locksmith was going to rob my house before I got home (nothing against was just my weird brain!) and the alternative, I was then convinced that my front door would suddenly unlock and all my animal babies would escape.  Yes, I was a basket case!!

Finally, I got home and met the locksmith.  It took him more than an hour to even get the door open.  Apparently the latch or something had just disintegrated. I just had the lock installed 4 years ago when I bought my new front door.  Frustrating, but  at any rate I am all locked up safe and sound - and $100+ lighter in the wallet - and am grateful that everything worked out.

On a happy note, Mom and I went to Snow Creek Farm about two months ago (our friend opens her home 3-4 times a year to sell her amazing crafts, art, etc) and she gave us some pussy willow stalks for decoration.  Well my mom had mentioned that when she was young she stuck a pussy willow branch in the ground and watered it religiously and a pussy willow grew.  I wasn't sure, but thought, what the heck.I stuck some in a large Grecian pot and some directly in the garden area.  Well..........................tada.....................I actually have pussy willows growing............take a look.

And I am happy to report that even more are starting to *bloom* in the ground. Who knew, but I am thrilled.

And finally, another picture that makes me happy.  As I sit here at this moment in my big comfy overstuffed chair and ottoman, this is what I see at my feet just beyond my laptop - my sweet heart cat, Freida (ignore my funky foot).


Vegan Epicurean said...

I have no idea how you managed to go to work. I would have had to take a half day off because I would have worried myself crazy if I went to work.

Congrats on the pussy willows. I wouldn't have expected that to work either. But it is good to keep in mind if I can find any fresh branches. Thanks for sharing the idea.

Freida is precious. :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these photos! My pussy willows started rooting in a vase of water and I wasn't sure if I could put them in dirt to grow– this looks so cool!