Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Catching Up....

Hello, friends. I am back to blogging and I am commiting to being much more regular with it. I have a lot to say but with not feeling well and the loss of a furry baby, I didn't want my blog to be a constant downer. Having said that, though, I will appreciate all prayers and good thoughts this Friday, August 1. I am having intravenous iron infusion - a 6-hour procedure...ugh. Despite taking strong oral iron supplements, I am still severly anemic and my blood levels keep going down. I have had test after test come out ok, but my levels keep dropping. So we are going to try this and I am hoping that this infusion and subsequent therapies if needed will give me more energy so I feel better. I also need more energy for CREATING! Mom and I have given ourselves deadlines for FINALLY opening our etsy shop (mom is going to be selling with me!) so I need to make that inventory. Fingers crossed.

OK, fun stuff......here are some ATCs that I made for a swap I was in....it was an interesting swap, because we had to use recycled product for the base of the cards. I used boxes from my AMY's meals....and of course that is my little Frieda as the model in each card.

Some more ATC for a feathered friends swap....

Some cards for an anything goes card swap....

And I should have blogged about this in June, but two years ago I got my grandmother into a wonderful nursing home closer to me (about 5 minutes from my house). I am her power-of-attorney and just love the care they give her there. We are a very involved family so she feels like a queen there. She is 91 years old and she is just thriving and truly feels that it is her home. The facility and the employees (as well as the residents) are wonderful and each year they have a *SENIOR* prom (get it?) where the seniors can dress to the nines. The nursing home even has beautiful dresses the ladies can borrow and fancy jewels and nice things for the men. The residents are in heaven each year and they play music from all of the decades. The joy on many of the residents' faces will honestly just take your breath away! I always attend and leave feeling very blessed to have taken part. Anyway, here are a few pics of my beautiful grandmother at this years prom....isn't she a beauty?

(that's my mom on the left)

Let me end this long post with this sweet pic of one of my furry kids...sweet Bess. Isn't she adorable (and when she's sleeping, she's not yapping! :-) )

Hope you all are well and enjoying the summer! Talk to you soon!!