Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hi folks! Finally, I can do a blog letting my friends know that our Etsy store is open, Lolly's Nest Egg with The Needle's Web. I am in business with my mom, who also just happens to be my very best friend. We don't have tons of stuff in the store yet, but will be adding and updating weekly, and sometimes daily!

From our Etsy store announcement, "We are a mother/daughter (and best friends) team who love to create! Our original and one-of-a-kind designs are made with love and great attention! We only make those things that inspire us and that we like ourselves! Lolly (the daughter) creates under Lolly's Nest Egg and Sandra (the mom) creates under The Needle's Web, but you can always find our work in this shop at You can see more about us in our Profile section!"

Woohoo!! Some of the things we have listed include:

This AWESOME handmade LONG scarf for Goth chicks and for chicks who love Halloween......LOVE IT! Can be found here.

Another VERY COOL creation for the goth chick or the chick who loves Halloween (although I would wear it year round!). It can be found here.

Perfect for the season! This is a FUN necklace for all the Democrats out there (there is a Republican one too!). It can be found here.

This is Miss Betsy Beary who comes with HANDMADE clothes and stuff, as well as a HANDMADE bag to keep her and her wardrobe in! She is not handmade but her stunning wardrobe must take a look. She is here.

We also have these adorable DEMOCRAT and REPUBLICAN dog bandanas. The picture is Democrat but we have both in several different sizes. Check it out here.

Thanks for looking! I hope that we can eventually be as successful as some of the wonderfully crafty ladies whose blogs I stalk...I mean read....every day! :-) They are my inspiration!!

Love, Lolly