Monday, July 5, 2010

Staycations are great...

Wow, the weather here in Virginia is brutal today.  This is the last day of my 4-day *staycation* and I have literally not left the is about 98 degrees, with tomorrow and Wednesday expected to be in the low 100's.  Ugh.  Even the squirrels are hot.

Friday, I had the girls - my nieces Mallory and Courtney, and my mom - over for our monthly scrapbooking party.  This time we concentrated on making their mom and my other sister birthday cards (my sisters are twins) as well as lots of fun bookmarks.  These girls - all three of them - are so talented and we have such fun!!

This is Mallory (age 9) being silly.  She is just learning cursive writing - note the sweet sentiment she wrote on Amy's card.

Sweet Courtney (age 12) contemplating her next creation.

My beautiful mom (who is also my best friend!).

My sweet little girl, Lily.  She is getting so old and has so many medical issues (COPD, Hydrocephalus, Arthritis, enlarged heart) and yet she just keeps doing so well.  She had her regular checkup at her vet on Friday morning and she is doing great.  She is 9 pounds, a little heavier than she should be, but that is due to the prednisone that she takes and is to be expected.  Boy she is such a little lovebug and so devoted to her mommy.  I literally stayed home Saturday, Sunday, and today so when I head back to work tomorrow, she will definitely be sad.  She is having a bad hair day here, but boy is she cute!!

A lazy Monday at home....

and this moment as I sit in my big overstuffed chair with my feet up on the ottoman, this is what I see (my sweet Freida)....


Vegan Epicurean said...

Sounds like a wonderful few days off. :-)

Lily is having a bad hair day, but darn she is cute. You have an adorable brood of fur babies. How sweet that they sleep near each other. That rarely happens at our house. ;-)

I feel your pain on the heat, it is here too. *ugh*


Lolly said...

Thanks, Ali! Stay cool!

Lolly said...