Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm a proud daughter!....and a proud sister, too!

First and foremost, I am so lucky to call my mother my very best friend.  She is an amazing lady.  Since I was a toddler I was convinced my mom could do anything....now I know she can!  She is an amazing artist - fiber arts, pen and ink wildlife pictures/notecards, altered arts, and even some writing!

She is so talented but in true artist fashion, she is not much of a business woman (ok, well maybe there is just this one thing she can't do :) ).  So, I decided to become her business manager and market her and set up an Etsy store for her.  I just want to show her off here............if you get a minute check out her Etsy store HERE (I still have a lot of things to list and she is working on building her inventory) but I love everything she does!! 

Yes, I am proud....here is just a sampling of some of her cool aprons - two of them are made with vintage linens...very cool:

OK, while I am sharing the talents of loved ones, let me tell you about my amazing artist BROTHER, Travis.  He does the most AWESOME pencil portraits....he is really good and now some of his commissions grace homes throughout the United States and Canada.  He is still so reasonably priced compared to other artists I have seen.  But, like mom, he is not business minded, so I set up and run an Etsy store for him as well.  Check out his Etsy store HERE and here are some of his recent portraits:

Thanks for indulging me by listening to me rave about my mom and brothers talents! 

Now if only my creative muse would come back to visit so I can reopen my own Etsy store!  Hopefully in 2010!

Talk to you soon,



Sygnet Creations said...

Very talented!!!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

OH MY! he is GOOD! I went to look, and was astounded by his prices too.

The French Bear said...

Hello Lolly, what a gorgeous name! I am glad you found my blog, it is so nice to meet you. Thanks for entering the draw for Santa, good luck!
Perhaps you will be my inspiration to be a better vegan, I waiver all the time, mostly because here it is so hard to find the right food and ingredients. It is an expensive choice, but I try!!!!
Margaret B

catieann said...

hi Lolly nice to see you back again!! Your Mom is very talented as you say---her aprons are so pretty and I love the vintage linens she used.
Your brother is after my own heart---from one portrait artist to another ---he is amazing.
But I also know a certain 'sister/daughter' who is not without her own artistic abilities!!
How blessed they are to have you as their manager!!

I hope your muse comes on back as well I miss you

Laura Bray said...

Your family is so lucky to have you to manage their careers. What a talented family. I love your mom's work.

Cat said...

Oh boy! Your so talented!