Sunday, November 29, 2009

Scrapbooking fun with the girls.......

At least once a month, I have my sweet nieces, Courtney and Mallory, as well as my mom over for a scrapbooking party.  I am trying to pass along my love of scrapbooking to the girls.....and they do love it!!...and they are really good at it!  Mallory is just 9 and Courtney is almost 12.  This month, we did a few scrapbook pages, but mostly worked on Christmas cards/tags/bookmarks.  A lot of fun was had.

Joy (gray and white kitty below) used to be their kitty until she came to live with me.  She has a very serious heart condition and may not live much longer, so Mallory was very upset about that, but Joy heard their voices and came down to sit with them as they created.  What a sweet memory and although Joy totally loves living with me, she really misses "her girls". (note: ignore the binder clip holding my curtains closed...that is a funny story for another post - I have fabric to make new curtains for the living room, but where is the time?)

My beautiful mommy!

Hard at work.  What I do is bring down my big 6' card table and set it up in the living room and bring down all my scrapping goodies.  I have a home studio/office, but 4 of us in there would not be conducive to creating!

Mallory and mom!

Courtney with Joy.

The girls always make a special point to hold my big boy, Marty.  He is like a doll.  He loves to be held like a baby.  But don't wear black if you want to hold this boy...he is a major shedder, hence the quilts covering all of my furniture!

Mom making her holiday cards and tags........she is such a great artist!

I just love all three of these wonderful ladies.  We have so much fun when we are together!! 

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  I was off for 5 days, but it still wasn't long enough!  The days just flew by!


Miss Rhea said...

How Fun Lolly ! Your Mom is really Pretty, you look just like her. Hope you and the furry "kids" are doing well and had a great Thanksgiving !! :) Hugs :)

~Mama Skates~ said...

what awesome memories you're creating with your nieces! looks like fun!

gingerwine said...


I have just come across your blog..i love your kittys I am a mad cat lady too xxx

Love Sam

(Bath, uk)